Khama Petroleum Company Limited...

We are a leading name in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. Our focus is to offer our clients with rear and calculated service delivery second to none. We push beyond our limits to making a difference in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas sector and Crude Oil Marketing sector in Nigeria.

What we do

Our services are prompt and standard. Below are a few.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage


Crude Oil Marketing


Engineering Procurement


Our passionate pursuit for quality translates into durable, long-lasting results that maximizes value to clients. Our solutions address underlying problems, not just symptoms. Plus, thorough planning not only delivers superior results, but it also ensures our client's satisfaction.

Vision Statement

The Vision of KPCL is to create a world class oil company with a diversification to building a world-class Petroleum Refinery,Electricity Generation Plants, Glass Factories, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plants and Petrochemical plants

Mission Statement

The KPCL mission is to facilitate tangible investments to promote job creation, reducing unemplyment im our country Nigeria.