Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Khama Petroleum Company Limited is committed in achieving a high standard HES programme, which will prevent accidents, and to avoid situations, which could prevent a threat to health and well being of all persons in the workplace.

The HES Plan (deposited in the office) is a document that the company will utilise to fulfil the contractual requirements in accordance with: - Client’s Standard Construction Specification - Client’s Safety Performance manual - Khama Petroleum Company Limited‘s HES manual.

The Company considers Health, Safety and Welfare of Client’s, employees, and third parties and the conservation of the Environment of primary importance. It is the firm belief of the Company that incidents and accidents are preventable through commitment, participation and co-operation of all parties involved.

The management of the Company requires professionalism from all members of its personnel and as well as Third Parties, this means full technical competence and awareness of all aspects of HES. The HES representative shall inspect the on-going projects regularly. The findings and recommendations shall be adhering to as required. The Safety Officer shall formulate and distribute the yearly HES target plan.

The authority and responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of the HES programme as outlined by the Site Management. They are responsible for all the site records. All employees must adhere to do everything reasonable and necessary as and when required to conform to this policy.